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Movable flower beds Miscellanea

Movable flower beds

Souls calmness and thoughts free flow ... & 34; Beauty will save the world & 34; - an old, good saying, it has not lost its force today. Indeed, we so want to bring beauty, harmony and tranquility into our very hectic life. I really love my dacha. I have always dreamed that on my site there will be a romantic corner where, under the canopy of foliage, you can admire beautiful flowers, look at the overflow of water and enjoy the sounds of classical music.

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Victoria Rhubarb Care – How To Grow Victoria Rhubarb Plants Interesting

Victoria Rhubarb Care – How To Grow Victoria Rhubarb Plants

By: Teo SpenglerRhubarb is not new to the world. It wascultivated in Asia several thousand years ago for medicinal purposes, but morerecently is grown for eating. While red stalks on rhubarb are bright andattractive, green-stalk varieties are larger and more vigorous. One totry: Victoria rhubarb. For information about the rhubarb Victoria variety,including tips on how to grow Victoria rhubarb, read on.

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Which roses get nice rosehips? Information

Which roses get nice rosehips?

Photo: (c) 2013, Valitov RashidI want to plant a semicircle with easy-care, durable "wild" shrub roses in our summer place (natural plot). Is it appropriate to mix several types of roses? How long should they be planted Answer: A good idea! Healthy and durable wild roses that get many beautiful rose hips are stone rose, rosehip rose, white heather rose, apple rose, day rose, david rose (all zone 6) and heather rose (zone 8).

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Indoor Trellis Ideas: How To Trellis A Houseplant Interesting

Indoor Trellis Ideas: How To Trellis A Houseplant

By: Raffaele Di Lallo, Author and founder of Ohio Tropics houseplant care blogIf you want to transform a hanging plant into one that growson an indoor trellis, there are a fewdifferent ways that you can do this to keep vines containedmore neatly. Among the types of trellis you can make are tee pees, ladder-typetrellises and powder coated racks that you can insert into your pot.

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Cannes New


This family includes only one genus, uniting, according to various sources, from twelve to fifty species common on the American continent. Cannes grow on humus soils around water bodies and along rivers, in the mountains and on the plains by the sea. Some species clog landfills and garbage dumps near human habitation.

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Problems With Ageratum – How To Grow Healthy Ageratums New

Problems With Ageratum – How To Grow Healthy Ageratums

By: Mary Ellen EllisThere are many species of ageratum you can use in the garden. Generally used as annuals, these are also known as floss flowers for their wispy, delicate petals. Height of varieties vary, but most ageratum types grow in low mounds with abundant flowers. They are great in borders, beds, and window boxes and, yet, they do have their problems.

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