Pressure washers

Pressure washers

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A pressure washer can be used for both internal cleaning and external cleaning of floors, the water is able to remove any dirt thanks to the pressure. It is a tool for professional use above all because it allows you to clean even very large spaces in a short time. It is able to remove mold and dirt of all kinds. The pressure washer is equipped with a series of lances that are used to perform different types of cleaning, since each is equipped with different nozzles. Each model commonly guarantees a different water pressure, the higher the jet the better the cleaning that will be performed in a shorter time. The hot water pressure washer can reach 90 degrees. The engine can be electric, diesel or petrol. Specific cleaning substances can also be used together with water, of course the customer must always carefully read the package leaflet in order to use only suitable substances.


When the customer comes to a shop to purchase a pressure washer, he must take into account certain characteristics that will certainly help him choose the model that best matches his needs. It is necessary to take into account the weight of the machine, the flow rate, the energy consumption, the pressure. The economic pressure washer reaches a very low pressure level so it is a pressure washer not suitable for professional use. The flow rate indicates the amount of water it is able to contain, the pressure is instead the force with which the water comes out of the nozzle. The larger the electric motor, the greater the size of the pressure washer. In any case, you must always keep in mind the flow pressure if you want to choose a good quality pressure washer. When the latter is equipped with wheels, transport is certainly also facilitated and therefore weight no longer becomes an influential characteristic. It can be safely used for every floor of the house and also transported up the stairs. On the market, cold water high pressure washers are the most common, while hot water ones are especially designed for professional use because the heating of the water promotes faster degreasing.


The pressure washer has a tank for the use of detergents. Automatically the machine will be able to use it and then rinse it with water. Different brushes can be used for washing the different surfaces. In addition, in some cases, the pressure washer can be equipped with special nozzles that will be used to wash the drain pipes. To find out which brushes are most suitable for washing specific surfaces, you must carefully read the instructions on the leaflet inside the package, otherwise using an unsuitable brush could damage the surface. Obviously, according to the model chosen, the pressure washer will be equipped or not with a different number of accessories, although usually the indispensable ones are always present.

How to choose it

The pressure washer comes in the hot water or cold water version. The latter is the most chosen especially for domestic use because the same water pressure is able to clean the external surfaces in a rather adequate manner. The hot water pressure washer is used above all for washing trucks, where a certain degreasing power is required. In addition, it is preferable to choose a version with wheels because it facilitates transport, even if it is a rather heavy model. It is necessary to keep in mind all the characteristics listed above in order to choose a pressure washer suited to your needs. At the point of sale, next to each model there is a descriptive card that contains all the necessary information so that the customer can correctly guide his choice.

Pressure washers: Where to buy

The pressure washer can be purchased at DIY stores, where there is a wide assortment that allows the customer to choose the model that best meets his needs. Also on the Internet it is possible to find sites that deal with the sale of pressure washers, the choice is quite wide even if the customer in this case must be satisfied with the descriptive card alone without being able to personally view the product before buying it. The object will therefore be accompanied by a series of photographs and a descriptive card. The purchase must be made following the instructions on the site, where it is also possible to know the methods relating to payment and for the return of the goods if it should be defective.

Pressure washers

Kärcher K 5 COMPACT pressure washer

Lavor Ninja Plus 130 cold water pressure washer LAVOR

Kärcher pressure washer K3 Home

Dualspeed pressure washer mod. 2K X-TRA

LUX High pressure cleaner HD-150/2000

Annovi Reverberi 4.0 Twin Flow Dualtech pressure washer

Annovi Reverberi motor pump 1425 rato EHRV170 - RMW AR Blue Clean

Annovi Reverberi cold pressure washer 191K X-TRA TSS em

Kärcher pressure washer K4 UM

Annovi Reverberi motor pump 1445 rato EHR210 - RMV AR Blue Clean

Kärcher pressure washer K 5 Full Control

Lavor Galaxy 150 cold water pressure washer

Kärcher pressure washer K 4 Full Control

Kärcher K2 Full Control high pressure cleaner

Kärcher high pressure cleaner K7 Full Control Plus

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Advice for use

There best pressure washer to buy is the one that takes into account the flow rate and pressure you will need according to your needs. If you plan to use it sporadically, a flow rate of 350 liters per hour will be sufficient, for example. Furthermore, if you want to use it to clean rooms that are not too large, you can avoid buying a model that could be cumbersome and impractical. At the same time, you will have to evaluate each use you intend to make of it: if you are looking for apressure washer for the home or a 'car pressure washer, you will have to choose a model suitable for your home and your vehicle.

The best advice is always to prefer a pressure washer that is easy to transport because it is light, equipped with excellent drive wheels and complete with an ergonomic handle.

Also not to be overlooked are the accessories that complete your pressure washer and make it a versatile machine. In many cases they are already included with the camera body, but you need to have all the ones you really need, even at the cost of buying them later. You will really find all kinds of them in all specialized stores but also online. In case of special needs, just contact an expert who will surely be able to direct you to the most suitable accessories for you and best pressure washer to connect.

Remember to use your pressure washer with caution, especially if it is apowerful pressure washer. Damaging delicate surfaces is easier than it looks, as is chipping the paint on many surfaces. Never overdo the water pressure and, if you are not sure, avoid cleaning objects that seem too delicate with this machine. Never underestimate the power of this high pressure water jet: even thebest pressure washer it can give poor results if not used well!

What matters, therefore, is to create a sort of personalized kit, which includes all the accessories you need. On the market you will already find kits that cater to different needs, such as cleaning the garden or garage, and you could buy those or take a cue. Furthermore, many pressure washers have very convenient compartments in which to store any accessory after use, minimizing the risk of losing it and making it more practical to use.

Now you know all the secrets to make your pressure washer always work at its best and get the best results! With a little attention, you will also be able to make a good deal of grabbing the best economic pressure washer for your needs, without having to give up accessories or power!

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