Antique terracotta floors

Antique terracotta floors

What's this

The antique terracotta floor is an excellent solution to give the house a rather rustic look. It is also a choice oriented on a material that today represents one of the few remaining for which a manual process is foreseen.


At first glance, the antique terracotta floor appears to be a very particular-looking floor that finds its perfect location not only in rooms located in the countryside but also in modern apartments, where it creates an interesting contrast, combining contemporary furniture with an antique floor. The dominant color is undoubtedly brick red. Apparently, an antique terracotta floor may appear with some imperfections, but precisely these irregularities of the tile highlight that it is a manual process. Let us now dwell on the artisan manufacturing process of ancient terracotta, which dates back to many centuries ago. In the areas of Tuscany it is still possible to find laboratories that manually make these floors. The floor can be made up of a single type of tile or a set of tiles of different colors to create particular designs. Today terracotta continues to enjoy great success not only because it is back in fashion, but also because its processing technique has been re-evaluated, highlighting the long process necessary to make each tile and underlining the need for the presence of human work at the internal of this manufacturing process. The antique terracotta floor lends itself well to furnish any room, but it is certainly necessary to rely on specialized workers for the installation. Furthermore, even when making a choice, it is good to identify only points of sale you can trust and be sure that it is the purchase of handcrafted terracotta.

How to choose it

Choosing an antique terracotta floor certainly guarantees a certain value to the home because wanting to furnish an entire home would also be a considerable investment. The choice must be oriented above all on the quality of the material so it is necessary to be prepared to understand if it is actually a handcrafted terracotta. Furthermore, the quality of the floor must be linked to a price that corresponds to the chosen product. Shops specializing in the sale of floors always reserve a particular corner for antique terracotta, because there are many people who want to use it for their home in order to give it a timeless style that can survive any trend. On the internet, the customer has the opportunity to check and learn about the ancient terracotta manufacturing process. There are also several sites that offer the possibility to choose and buy your terracotta floor directly online. When the choice must be made through the network, it is good to realize not only the quality but also the exact dimensions of the space to be paved in order to carry out a correct order.

Where to buy

The antique terracotta floor can be purchased at shops specializing in the sale of flooring or you can go directly to an artisan store that deals only with the processing of terracotta. In this case, you will be sure to really buy a product made entirely by the skill of artisans. Obviously the cost of a floor made to order at the artisan shop will certainly cost more than the terracotta floor that is not handcrafted. Of course this is a completely personal choice, even if obviously the differences are quite visible.


The antique terracotta floor must be carefully cleaned taking into account all the instructions provided by the retailer to use only specific products because other substances could attack the surface of the tile and damage it. For this reason it is advisable to stick only to the purchase of specific products for ancient terracotta, maintaining constant cleaning so that this floor can always offer its original beauty over time. In the event that the terracotta just purchased should show any defect, it is necessary to contact the store where it was purchased directly.

Antique terracotta floors: garden design: Antique terracotta floors for you

Do not give up for any reason in the world a series of useful information, regarding a topic such as that of antique terracotta floors. More specifically, we are talking about an extremely useful product to guarantee an unprecedented added value to the home garden, considering the history behind the product.

Going into more detail, thanks to our advice, you will actually be able to understand why such a product has a higher cost, but, at the same time, it has a very special charm for an artisanal production, which requires time and effort for each tile, without forgetting the care that you will have to reserve for the same product.

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