Rot of the tomatoes collar

Rot of the tomatoes collar

Question: tomatoes

two rows of tomato plants with many fruits have dried up for no apparent reason.

Could you explain to me why. Thanks so much

Tomatoes collar rot: Answer: tomatoes

Dear Paolo, welcome to our garden expert column. our website is very attentive to its users and has made this section available for readers' questions. You had a serious problem with your tomato seedlings, which have all dried up and lost their fruits which are now close to ripening.

Excluding a priori an irrigation problem, the causes of the drying out of your plants could be mainly two: a fungus or parasitic insects. The first cause of death in tomato seedlings is often the rot of the collar, in practice a fungus (Fusarium) that parasitizes the tomato plant (in addition to other important plants at a productive level) causing the rot of the basal part and subsequently death. This pathology, also known as tracheomycosis because it parasitizes the vascular system of the plant, is rather difficult to eradicate because the fungus survives for several years in the soil in a saprophytic state or the residues of dead plants. The most effective methods for combating this disease are crop rotation, the use of plants that are genetically more resistant to this disease and finally the rapid elimination of plants affected by fusarium.

Other causes of death due to desiccation of the epigeal part of the tomato plant can be parasitic insects such as mole crickets and larval oxyorinco. To eliminate these dangerous insects there are specific products that can be found in any garden center.

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