7 mistakes inexperienced summer residents that are difficult to fix

 7 mistakes inexperienced summer residents that are difficult to fix

Often, when buying a house or when landscaping a plot, summer residents are in too much of a hurry and do not think about when to buy suburban real estate, how to plan the territory and plant plants. A few recommendations will help novice gardeners avoid common mistakes that lead to unnecessary costs, additional hassle and the death of green spaces.

Buying a summer house out of season

In order to quickly start planting fruit trees and vegetable crops in the spring, some people try to look after the dacha even before March. But buying a plot in winter does not give an opportunity to fully appreciate all its advantages and disadvantages. When the first leaves begin to appear, the new owner can expect an unpleasant "surprise" in the form of plum and cherry sprouts from small stumps left over from cut trees. It is extremely difficult to get rid of this vegetation due to the developed root system of fruit crops. It is also possible that some of the plants that looked good in winter will turn out to be old and not fruitful. In addition, under the snow, it is impossible to assess the fertility of the soil and the well-groomed territory - the presence of paths and functional zones on it. Therefore, it is better to take your time and make a purchase during the warm season.

Choosing an empty lot

To an inexperienced summer resident, the absence of trees and shrubs on the site may seem like an advantage - the territory can be landscaped at your own discretion. But it is possible that this will become a serious disadvantage of the dacha. For example, on the site there will be infertile sandy soil or groundwater will lie close, so nothing takes root on such land.The lack of vegetation should not scare you if the development of this area for summer cottage construction began only recently. But for partnerships that were formed 30 years ago, this is atypical and should scare away a buyer who wants to seriously engage in gardening.

Chaotic landing

Some inexperienced summer residents immediately after buying a plot tend to plant it faster with trees and shrubs from the nearest nursery. Such a rash planting "where it is necessary", as a rule, ends with the transplanting of plants to another place already next year, and this can injure the root system of plants and lead them to death. To avoid unnecessary waste of time and money, you need to draw a site plan in advance, think about where and what will grow, and only then start to work. In addition, you also need to consider the location of the gazebos, paths, garage, bathhouse, pond and barbecue area if you are going to build them. It is also worth paying attention to the movement of the sun during the day. If you plant most of the fruit trees from the southeast side, then in a few years they will close the beds from the sun's rays.

Closely planted conifers

Conifers are sold very small, so it is difficult to immediately imagine what size they will reach in 5-10 years. If you do not calculate the distance between seedlings, then adult plants will become cramped and they can get sick. The only way to help them is to cut the side branches strongly, and replanting an adult coniferous tree is risky - there is a high probability of its death. If you plant conifers close to the fence or wall of the house, then the part of the crown that is in the shade will not receive enough light, therefore it will turn yellow, lose needles and fade. Before planting the needles, it is important to find out in the nursery about the projected size of an adult plant and take this into account when planting. Usually, there should be at least 3 m between the seedlings and the fence, and the distance between the holes should be about 1.5 m.

No border on the flowerbed

Many novice summer residents are trying to quickly make flower beds so that flowers decorate the territory as early as possible. Sometimes such hastily broken flower beds look like unaesthetic multi-colored spots surrounded by weeds.When making a flower bed, you first need to take care of the decorative border, laid out around the perimeter. If you do not do it, then the flowerbed will quickly fill with grass from the lawn, which will be difficult to remove, or the flowers will smoothly begin to grow throughout the garden.

Valuable plants along the neighbor's fence

It is difficult to predict how you will develop relationships with your neighbors in the country. Therefore, you should not plant valuable fruit trees or expensive shrubs along the common fence. It can happen that you will not get along with the surrounding residents, which makes them want to spoil your favorite crops. Or, perhaps the delicate plantings will not tolerate the chemicals your neighbors use to treat their garden, and then exotic plants will have to be replanted. And this will become a troublesome and time-consuming process, and can also lead to the death of flora or an abrupt halt in its development and a decrease in yield.

Planting under fruit trees

Do not plant flowers or make vegetable beds under fruit trees. Such a mistake is often made by inexperienced summer residents due to a lack of space on the site. At the end of summer, ripe fruits will fall from the tree and spoil the lower plantations. Such a "bombardment", for example, with apples, will certainly end badly for flowers, and rotting fruits will spoil any vegetables, infecting the earth with putrefactive bacteria.

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Anthurium does not bloom. What is the reason?

Florists often prefer anthurium: with good care, it is able to bloom throughout the year, pleasing the eye by decorating the interior. The name of the plant comes from two ancient Greek words, which in translation mean "flower" and "tail". It can be interpreted as a flower with a tail, but according to botanists, the colored part, which we think of as a flower, is actually a leaf, only colored during the hybridization process. In the wild, it is usually green, less often white. Residents of Central and South America, where the anthurium grows, joke: you can throw it on the ground, and then it will decide for itself how to survive.


If you received a garden plot, the question naturally arises - "Where to begin?" Do not hurry! Garden are laid for many years, and mistakes made during landing are sometimes impossible to correct.

Section "Garden" will be represented by the following plants: fruit trees, raspberries, currants, gooseberries, sea buckthorn. Fruit trees - apples, pears, cherry, plum - will be considered in detail, starting from planting and ending with tree care, their formation, protection from pests and frost.

Raspberries, currants, sea buckthorn and gooseberries will also be shown in all stages of growth, describing the different plant varieties, their beneficial properties, etc.

How to wean an adult dog from biting

If the biting habit is seen in an adult dog, there are several solutions to this problem. However, this process will take a lot of time and effort. We should not forget that an adult animal has a formed character and certain habits, which will be much more difficult to correct than at an early age.

Before you begin to combat the dog's biting habit, you need to understand what caused this behavior.

  1. Most often, dogs bite their owners while playing. But this is far from the only reason. For example, an adult dog may show aggression in order to demonstrate strength and superiority. The reason for this behavior is the mistakes of upbringing, made at one time by the owner of the pet. If you do not respond in a timely manner to the puppy's habit of biting its owners, this will lead to unpleasant consequences. Games can become aggressive. In addition, the dog may stop taking any commands from its owners. It will be extremely difficult to control the behavior of such an animal.
  2. Fear can be another cause of adult dog bites. In this way, she is simply trying to protect herself. It is worth paying close attention to your behavior in order not to provoke the dog to show aggression. Sometimes a raised tone or sudden movement is sufficient.
  3. The next risk factor is the characteristics of the temperament of a particular dog breed. Before purchasing a puppy, you should familiarize yourself with the peculiarities of his behavior. Many breeds have certain innate behavior patterns. The same applies to the characteristics of the upbringing and maintenance of dogs.

Before proceeding with the correction of the behavior of an adult dog, it is necessary to establish the exact reason that provokes the animal to show aggression.

If incidents with bites and attacks occur exclusively during the game, then it will be enough to demonstrate to your pet that his behavior brings you pain and discomfort. This game must be stopped immediately. Gradually, the dog realizes what exactly is causing you to want to stop communicating with him. The biting habit will gradually fade away. The main rule is to adhere to the same strategy of behavior, without making any exceptions. This is the only way to achieve a successful result.

Avoid those games in which the dog may bite your leg or arm. However, even if this happens, it is strictly forbidden to allow the use of physical punishment. If the dog begins to show aggressive behavior, it is recommended to take it by the withers and shake it slightly. This will help shift her focus. This way is laid down by nature: if a puppy hurts his mother, then she acts that way. This helps to stop it, while eliminating the risk of injury.

If it is not possible to overcome this problem on your own, then here it is clearly necessary to seek help from specialists. They are well versed in the psychology of dogs, know effective training methods and select them in accordance with the individual characteristics of a particular animal.

It is important to realize that weaning an adult dog from the habit of biting is a long and hard work that requires special attention from the pet owner. But the result will be worth the effort. In any case, care and love should be shown in relation to your pet. This is the only way to achieve the desired result.

The main task of a dog owner is to show their disapproval. The animal should understand from your behavior that his act is painful. And this leads to the fact that the game stops there. It is very important to offer an alternative. This type of activity is perfect, which at the same time will provide the dog with the opportunity for physical activity - on the one hand, it will not cause discomfort to its owner - on the other. Ball play is a great option. For these purposes, the use of a toy is suitable. In some ways, such a game will be similar to an imitation of a hunt. It is very important that the chosen subject really interests the dog. Any contactless game is an effective way to switch your pet to another activity.

Another solution might be to use a treat. For example, you can use it to teach a dog the command to sit. Here, one should gradually form an idea in the animal that for fulfilling the command it will receive the desired food. It is necessary to achieve strict observance by the dog of the rule and give it treats only if it is fulfilled. Otherwise, it will be almost impossible to achieve this goal.

Selection of suitable plants

This applies to both the already mentioned flowers and other plants, including garden and vegetable gardens. Only purchase plant varieties and hybrids that are appropriate for your region. Investing in improved types of crops will help you avoid additional costs for treating them against diseases and pests, and at the same time increase the yield. Also consider the weather conditions for a particular year and season.

If you love beauty in a flower garden, opt for fairly simple flower bed patterns where different cultures that are pleasing to the eye coexist. There may be several options - with conifers, annuals, perennials, as well as succulents. A separate topic is the container garden.

Before making your choice in favor of certain plants, experts recommend studying the structure and acidity of the soil, including with the help of indicator plants. This will help you understand which crops will grow best on your site, and what exactly needs to be done in order for other plants to grow here as well. If the site is small, do not rush to be upset that all the crops will not fit on it: joint planting will save the situation, thanks to which the plants can help each other, and this is the same yield growth and protection from gardening misfortunes. But you also need to be able to use this system correctly.

Beautiful courtyard of a private house: planning and design tricks

A beautiful courtyard of a private house often arises not from an excess of imagination or money, but from the need to solve specific problems and embody the owners' vision of which courtyard will be convenient and pleasant for them.

So, behind a fabulous flower curtain, an unsightly wall of a neighbor's barn is often hidden.

And the lush bloom of rose bushes around the fence is designed to maximize the visual expansion of the tiny garden's space.

In a small yard, even a vegetable garden should bear its own aesthetic load.

How to plan a beautiful courtyard for a private house.

This small, beautiful courtyard of a private house began with this gravel-paved plot in front of the house. Which was intended only for parking two cars and small flower beds on the side. It is difficult to imagine a beautiful garden here in any form.

The total area of ​​this plot in front of the house is 2.5 acres. Because At first there were attempts to combine the garden with a parking lot, but they were unsuccessful, it was decided to divide the garden as such with a parking lot. Something like this looks like the new layout of the site: next to the house, on one side, there is a paved area that fences off the parking lot with a fence with a wicket, on the other side a small vegetable garden is planned with a garden behind it. In the garden, on the left side, in order to raise the fence as high as possible, an artificially raised small terrace is planned.

Private house courtyard design. Parking lot.

This is how the newly equipped parking lot in the courtyard of this private house looks like from the street side. In front is the entrance to the house, on the right is the entrance to the garden, on the left is the neighbors.

In order to make a reliable covering on the site for cars, which would not come into dissonance with the general landscape design of the garden, an original decision was made - to build a decorative fence between the parking lot and the garden. A fence made of cinder blocks, concrete plaster on top. In order that it does not look too massive, windows with boxes for flowers are made in it. From the side of the street, this fence will continue with a decorative wrought-iron fence. From the side of the yard near the fence, in front of the house entrance, a gate is planned. A gate is also planned in the fence for access to the garden.

View of the parking lot after completion of work. The entrance to the garden was decorated with an arch of woven roses. Also rose bushes grow throughout the entire fence, they are complemented by perennial ornamental grasses and flowers in containers.

A beautiful courtyard of a private house with your own hands. Fences.

View of the fence from the street side (parking lot on the left). In order to give the flower beds over the fence more decorativeness, natural stone was used. Flower boxes perfectly complement the overall landscape design of this piece of the yard.

From the street side, the fence will be forged (the regulations of this area do not allow building a solid fence from the street side). For privacy, garden vines and ornamental shrubs will be planted next to the fence on the garden side.

A small rabatka - a flower bed with regularly repeating groups of flowers, is in perfect harmony with the clear rhythmic design of the fence itself.

This is what the fence looks like between neighboring plots.

In that part of the courtyard where there is a desire to communicate with neighbors, a chain-link net was used for the fence, along which climbing roses climb.

How to decorate a beautiful courtyard of a private house. Garden.

A small beautiful garden is the highlight of this yard.

As we remember, the entire site was paved with gravel, so before starting work, gravel was raked and a frame for a small greenhouse was installed at the end of the beds.

Using garden curbs, we formed a shape for four beds, covered the beds with soil.

A large flower pot was installed in the corner of each bed - flowers will grow there, which will add a little color to the green bed.

The paths between the beds were beautifully paved with narrow blocks of paving slabs "like a brick" and covered with gravel

The garden turned out to be no worse than a flower bed!

Small beautiful courtyard of a private house.

The design of the courtyard of this private house actively uses a variety of materials for garden paths in order to create new interesting textures and interesting effects. Those paths that are more often used are paved with flat paving slabs, the area near the gazebo is with tiles of a larger size and a different shade, and cozy paths leading to secluded corners of the garden are made of cobblestone and brick.

A small snow-white arch creates the main accent for the main flower garden with garden sculpture.

By changing flowers for this cute girl, you can create a different mood for this corner of the garden.

This beautiful sculptured flower bed is located on a raised terrace along the neighboring fence. Here the task was to raise the fence as high as possible. Therefore, on the flower bed, roses that weave high along the arch and the fence in combination with ornamental shrubs were used to the maximum. And the garden sculpture harmoniously balanced the size and proportions of this flower bed with the entire garden.

The entire garden is built on a delicate balance of open and closed space, tall flower beds with perennials and containers with annuals.

Every corner of the garden is used for flowers - the area in front of the house, fences, vegetable garden, parking for cars, and, of course, the garden itself.

In order to make the garden paths look more comfortable, some of the flowers grow both on the path itself and "come out" to it from the side.

The owners love and know how to work with flowers.

Therefore, their garden collection is annually replenished with new original finds.

In addition to perennials, which form the basic basis of the garden, annuals are actively used in the design of this garden. It is easier to experiment with them and create a fresh new color and compositional solution.

In order for the beautiful courtyard of a private house to become elegant in spring as early as possible, numerous flower seedlings are grown in a small greenhouse next to the vegetable garden.

Ornamental cabbage became one of the favorites of the last season - unpretentious, graceful. In autumn, when the garden takes a break from the riotous whirlwind of colors, ornamental cabbage, which only becomes more beautiful and brighter after the first frost, looks like a real queen of the garden.

Everything that you do in the garden and in the yard with your own hands will delight you every minute. Use non-standard and unexpected approaches to the design and layout of the courtyard of your private house - after all, only you know what you would like to see from the window and what height of the fence should be for each neighbor. Enjoy the garden and your right to do everything in it to your liking!

What mistakes inexperienced summer residents are difficult to fix - garden and vegetable garden

Planting an apple tree
The apple tree is the beauty and pride of the Russian land. The dream of every summer resident and gardener. A culture widespread in the gardens of central Russia. Apples are on our table all year round and from time immemorial a favorite fruit of all generations. Having your own apple tree is not as difficult as it might seem, the main thing is to know how to plant it correctly and take good care of it

Apple tree seedlings are best purchased in autumn, when nurseries have the most complete assortment of varieties. But do not rush to plant them in a permanent place in the garden. Better to do this in the spring, and until then, store the seedlings in the dig hole. To do this, you need to dig a trench half a meter deep and lay the seedlings there in an inclined form. After that, you should fill them in two-thirds and slightly compact the earth. It remains only to water and mulch on top with dry earth. In the spring, you need to not miss the moment and as soon as it comes down to start planting apple trees. The approximate distance between trees should be about four meters, and when planting spreading apple trees, at least five meters should be left.

Planting pears
Of course, before any planting, you need to prepare the place where you want to see the future tree. If you want to plant a pear in the spring, then the hole must be dug in the fall, if in the fall - then 3-4 weeks before the intended planting. Do not forget that the pits should not be too small, as this will have a bad effect on the survival rate and development of the tree.

Before planting a seedling, carefully inspect it and remove all damaged branches, while leaving the root system intact (the roots contain a large amount of nutrients and trace elements that the plant will need for growth).

Cherry planting
You need to buy seedlings in the fall - this is the optimal time, since the foliage has already fallen and the trees are ready for wintering. Save them until spring in an inclined pit at your summer cottage. How to do it? There is nothing complicated in this procedure. You need to dig a 30-centimeter hole in a shaded area of ​​the garden. This is done so that the tree is covered with snow for as long as possible and burned by the bright spring sun. One side of the dug hole must be made inclined - about 45 degrees. We put the seedlings there and fill the root system and a third of the trunk with loose earth. Be sure to water the seedlings well to ensure that the soil adheres strongly to the roots. Then the seedlings will be provided with the necessary moisture for a good wintering. Another little trick - before the onset of frost, you need to cover the seedlings with a layer of snow 40-50 centimeters.

You can learn and read about these types of landings and many more in this section.

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