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Helenium is a bright, simple and very beautiful flower from the Asteraceae family. There are more than 30 species of this plant. The birthplace of Gelenium is considered to be Central and North America. It has gained immense popularity among the florist for its simultaneous combination of simplicity and beauty.

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Information About Flame Tree New

Information About Flame Tree

Get Started What Is A Flame Tree: Learn About The Flamboyant Flame TreeBy Mary H. Dyer, Credentialed Garden WriterThe flamboyant flame tree provides welcome shade and spectacular color in the warm climates of USDA zone 10 and above. Find out more about flame trees in this article and see if you can add one to your landscape.

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Medicinal plants New

Medicinal plants

Under & 34; Medicinal Plants & 34; you will find useful tips on collecting and using wild plants for medicinal purposes, as well as on growing medicinal plants in your summer cottage. Here are published folk recipes for infusions, tinctures and decoctions that help cure various diseases without pills or enhance the effect of traditional remedies.

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Potatoes: planting tubers in spring - how and when New

Potatoes: planting tubers in spring - how and when

Garden plants Published: Last edits: Potatoes are one of the staple foods of many nations. Its significance is so great that potatoes are grown not only in agriculture, but also in private gardens and summer cottages - after all, there are potatoes grown with our own hands, which are both more pleasant and tastier.

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Beets: planting and care in the open field, growing seedlings, harvesting, storage, photo New

Beets: planting and care in the open field, growing seedlings, harvesting, storage, photo

Garden plants Published: Last edits: The beet plant (Latin Beta) belongs to the genus of one-, two- and perennial herbaceous plants of the Amaranth family, although not so long ago, the beet, which in Ukraine is called the beetroot, and in Belarus the beetroot, was reckoned to the Marevye family ... The main representative of the genus is common beet, which has three varieties: table beet, fodder beet and sugar beet.

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How and how to process grapes in the fall from pests and diseases New

How and how to process grapes in the fall from pests and diseases

Grapes are unpretentious crops that do not require careful maintenance. But in order to obtain a stable and healthy harvest, the basic rules of agricultural technology should be followed, including the autumn processing of bushes from diseases and pests in the fall. The implementation of these activities and the timing will be discussed in this article.

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The end of insects - New

The end of insects -

La Fin des insectes ?76 des insectes ont disparus en Europe en moins de 30 ans.La fin des insectes, c’est notre mort annoncée !C’est une information qui claque comme un clap de fin, vous l’avez sans doute lu ou entendu aux journaux radiophoniques et télévisés. Personne ne s’attendait à ces résultats impressionnants qui mettent en péril l’équilibre qui permettait à l’espèce humaine de vivre grâce à la nature qu’elle croyait maitriser au travers de l’agriculture intensive.

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Pressure washers New

Pressure washers

What is it? A pressure washer can be used for both internal cleaning and external cleaning of floors, water is able to remove any dirt thanks to pressure. It is a tool for professional use above all because it allows you to clean even very large spaces in a short time. It is able to remove mold and dirt of all kinds.

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Senecio x peregrinus New

Senecio x peregrinus

Prime destination for succulent loversRSSFacebookInstagramTwitterPinterestHomeSucculentopediaBrowse Succulents by Scientific NameBrowse Succulents by Common NameBrowse Succulents by GenusBrowse Succulents by FamilyBrowse Succulents by USDA Hardiness ZoneBrowse Succulents by OriginBrowse Cacti by GenusAbout SucculentsCultivationGeneral CareLight RequirementsPotting SoilWateringFertilizingPests and DiseasesRepottingPropagationPruningGraftingArrangingSucculent UsesMedicinal SucculentsCosmetic SucculentsCulinary SucculentsSacred SucculentsLibraryBooksStoriesMyths and LegendsStampsWorld of Flowering PlantsYou are at:Home » Archive for & 34;Senecio x peregrinus& 34;Browsing: Senecio x peregrinusSucculentopediaSenecio & 39;Hippogriff& 39; (String of Dolphins)Senecio & 39;Hippogriff& 39; (String of Dolphins), also known as Curio x peregrinus or Senecio x peregrinus, is a beautiful succulent plant with…

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Information About Cup & Saucer Vine New

Information About Cup & Saucer Vine

Home › Ornamental Gardens › Vines › Archive for Cup & Saucer VineGet Started Growing Cup And Saucer Vine – Information And Care Of Cup And Saucer VineBy Susan Patterson, Master GardenerAlso known as cathedral bells because of its flower shape, cup and saucer vine plants are native to Mexico and Peru.

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Gardening To-Do List: Regional Gardening Tips For May New

Gardening To-Do List: Regional Gardening Tips For May

By: Laura MillerMay is a prime gardening month throughout the United States.Whether your region is well into the growing season or just beginning, you maybe wondering what to do in the garden in May.What to Do in the Garden in MayHere are some suggestions and gardening tips for Mayspecifically for your region of the country.

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How To Clean A Greenhouse – Tips For Sanitizing A Greenhouse New

How To Clean A Greenhouse – Tips For Sanitizing A Greenhouse

Greenhouses are fantastic tools for the home gardener but they do need to be maintained. If you’ve had issues with recurring disease or insect infestations, it’s time for a thorough greenhouse cleaning. Ideally, keeping a greenhouse clean should be an ongoing task, but as we all know, what we should do isn’t always what happens.

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Rocking horse New

Rocking horse

What is it? The rocking horse is a game that can be used by children, it is a horse equipped with a system that allows it to swing. Several models of rocking horses are available on the market. Features The rocking horse is a great way to entertain children. It can be made of wood or plastic.

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 What are the most beloved flowers of famous women New

What are the most beloved flowers of famous women

Flowers are a win-win gift for any occasion, symbolizing attention to a person. They do not leave indifferent either women or men. Let's talk about the favorite colors of celebrity women who have conquered millions of viewers. Britney Spears The famous American singer Britney Spears is a real fan of white roses.

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Crassula atropurpurea var. watermeyeri New

Crassula atropurpurea var. watermeyeri

Scientific NameCrassula atropurpurea var. watermeyeri (Compton) ToelkenSynonymsCrassula watermeyeri (basionym), Globulea atropurpurea var. watermeyeri, Crassula gifbergensisScientific ClassificationFamily: CrassulaceaeSubfamily: CrassuloideaeGenus: CrassulaDescriptionCrassula atropurpurea var. watermeyeri is a small, succulent perennial up to 2 feet (60 cm) tall.

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Crabapple Pruning Info: When And How To Prune Crabapples New

Crabapple Pruning Info: When And How To Prune Crabapples

By: Mary Ellen EllisCrabapple trees are pretty easy to maintain and don’t require vigorous pruning. The most important reasons to prune are to maintain the tree’s shape, to remove dead branches, and to treat or prevent the spread of disease.When to Prune a Crabapple TreeThe time for crabapple pruning is when the tree is dormant, but when the possibility of severely cold weather has passed.

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Aucuba - How to care for and cultivate your Aucuba New

Aucuba - How to care for and cultivate your Aucuba

HOW TO GROW AND CARE FOR OUR PLANTS AUCUBA The Aucuba family belongs to the Cornaceae family, a robust and very decorative house and garden plant from Japan, highly appreciated for its thick and very colorful foliage and glossy red berries. : PlantaeClado: AngiospermsClado: EudicotyledonsClado: AsterisClado: Euasteride IOrder: GarryalesFamily: GarryaceaeGenus: AucubaSpecies: see the paragraph "Main species" .

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Siberian early ripening - cold-resistant early tomato variety New

Siberian early ripening - cold-resistant early tomato variety

Tomato Siberian early ripening will soon be 60 years old. And, despite the retirement age, this long-liver is still in the ranks. Although the number of varieties and hybrids is growing rapidly, this tomato quite satisfies modern requirements for simplicity of agricultural technology, fruit quality and prevalence in different climatic zones.

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Common Ginseng Uses: What Is Ginseng Used For New

Common Ginseng Uses: What Is Ginseng Used For

By: Bonnie L. Grant, Certified Urban AgriculturistGinsengbelongs in the Panax genus. In NorthAmerica, American ginseng grows wild in the deciduous forests of the easternpart of the United States. It is a huge cash crop in these areas, with 90 ofthe cultivated ginseng grown in Wisconsin. What is ginseng used for?

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Information About Achimenes New

Information About Achimenes

Achimenes Care: How To Grow Achimenes Magic FlowersBy Susan Patterson, Master GardenerAchimenes longiflora plants are related to the African violet. Achimenes care is easy. To learn how to grow Achimenes magic flowers, read the information found in this article.

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